General Information

Who We Are:

90 Degrees is a business run by Melbourne graffiti artist Daniel Wenn. Daniel partners with Justin Kirby on a large portion of 90 degrees projects and other artists contribute to bigger projects when required. 90 degrees has a large group of associate artists to work with and we are able to facilitate all scale projects.

What we do:

We are spray paint artists who specialise in graffiti and street art murals. We work with our clients to design a piece of art that will work for them, we have the ability to design in a range off styles. We are better suited to work on big spaces but can do work for small size walls and we do commission canvas and illustration. We can produce digital artwork for prints or screen use as well.

For mural projects we mock-up a digital design as close to the real thing as possible. Our clients are provided with designs to sign off before we start, this way clients know what the mural will look like and any tweaks or changes can be made prior to starting the painting. Visit our Process page to read about how a project unfolds when you work with us.

Feel free to send us a General Inquiry regarding any sort of creative project, if we can’t help we may be able to point you in the right direction.

What we Charge:

All jobs are different and we price accordingly, we charge by the hour for design, materials, access (scaffold hire etc), labour /production time. Some jobs are harder to paint or more detailed and therefore more time consuming. If you fill in our Ready for a Quote form we can give you an estimate on your project.

For events we charge by the hour, our materials and canvas/timber boards are separate.


90 degrees Artists all carry 20 million in public liability insurance.


What is your standard turnaround time for a mural?

It depends on the size of the project and what else we have on. If we are quiet we can turn stuff around quite quickly, please give us as much notice as you can. Please be aware that we need time to design the mural as well as paint it.
Please see the Our Process page for a run down of how a project unfolds. To get the ball rolling quickly fill in the ready for a quote form or send us a general inquiry.

How long does it take to do a painting?

It depend on the complexity of the design and the size of the wall, a 4m (w) x 3m (h) office wall or bedroom wall will take anywhere from four to nine hours. If the wall is in bad condition we may have to clean it and undercoat it first, this can take some time.

Where are you based and do you travel for jobs?

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We will travel anywhere for selected projects and cover our own travel expenses if the project is right for us. If you are in regional areas (VIC) we may need to charge for travel expenses. We work in Sydney at certain times of the year so feel free to contact us if you’re in NSW.

Do you have artists all over Australia?

No we don’t but we will travel at our own expense for selected projects.

Do I need to provide a design or do you do it?

We design our own work and paint it, we will talk to you about design direction first. if you have no idea of what you want we are happy to work out a concept for you. The more info you give us the better, you can show us other work you have seen that you like. Please be aware that we don’t replicate other artists work.

Can you paint an image I have?

If the image is a photo and it is in good condition or it is of a high enough resolution then we should be able to. Please be aware we don’t replicate other people’s work.

Do I need permits to put art on my house or building?

It is up to you to check with your local council if you can legally paint a wall. It is also advised if you are a renter to check with your landlord / agent about applying paint to any surfaces in a property you do not own. If you are painting a wall on a footpath you will most likely need a footpath permit from your council. Please visit your local council web page for more info.

Events FAQs

Should I be worried about the paint fumes?

We use acrylic based spray paints for events that are graded as non toxic and don’t have the heavy vapour smell of regular spray paints. These are virtually odourless, we always setup a good distance form event goers and have measures in place to ensure no one is at risk of anything harmful while we are there.

The venue is unsure of having artists paint in their space as they think it might be a health risk or paint might get everywhere, what can I tell them?

We take the upmost care in protecting the surrounding areas we paint in. Our artists are covered with 20 million public liability insurance and we use non-toxic acrylic paint that is virtually odourless. We can provide chemical data sheets for our paints to the venue managers if they need.

How do you charge for Event painting?

If you need to see a design first we will charge you for the time it takes to create this design. For the event itself we bill by the hour and we charge for materials and canvas. The minimum hours we do at an event is three.

Need other information? please send us a General Inquiry and we will answer your question ASAP

Students FAQs

I’m a student and have questions for a project, can you help?

Yes we are happy to answer your questions over the phone. Visit the Contact Us page to speak to us.

Can I film you painting?

Yes if we are painting and the area is suitable for you to visit and you have permission from your school.

Do you have a studio I can visit?

We are unable to have students attend our studio at the moment.

Fill in a General Inquiry email if you would like to speak to us.