The Artists

Dan Wenn

Dan is the founder and creative lead of 90 Degrees. He has been a keen graffiti artist since he was very young doing his first work in the late 1980’s. Since 2010 Dan has focused his skills in the commercial arena painting hundreds of commissions across Melbourne and abroad. His preferred style is traditional graffiti characters and lettering, he is a skilled realism spray painter but also likes to explore cartoon landscapes and hard-edged graphic styles.   

Dan’s work can be seen in all of the projects on the 90 Degrees web site. 


Justin Kirby

Justin has been involved in the Melbourne graffiti art movement since the mid 1980s. His work as a sign writer has influenced his precise style of lettering and his attention to detail and the level of complexity of his work is legendary. Justin explores three dimensional shapes, shadows, light and perspective in his paintings that give his work a futuristic aesthetic.

Justin has been a part of 90 Degrees since it started and worked on projects including Hellenic Republic Kew, Porter Davis Homes, Eucalypt Park, Urban Nest, Ferndara and YHA just to name a few.