Our graffiti and street art education programs cover all aspects of mural creation.

Do you want to create a mural with a group of young people?

Whether you are a school, a local council, or other organisation, let us step you through the process with our graffiti and street art learning program. 

Learn and then teach the content yourself, or engage us to deliver it for you.

  • choose flexible learning and delivery solutions to suit your students and budget.
  • get varying degrees of support (as required) from our artists and program managers.
  • get a mix of online learning, face to face workshops and practical exercises and activities.

Participants gain the skills to develop their own creative practice, as a hobby or career.

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A teacher guides a student to create their first stencil.

You know the benefits of engaging young people in creating street art.


But how do you harness their ideas and transfer them from the page onto a wall? How do you teach everyone the skills to use spray cans accurately and safely? Our education programs step you through this whole process - to create a mural you’re proud to show off.

Dan leads a student workshop - generating mural ideas.

Be guided by the experts

We've worked with many community groups creating murals. Our lessons include demonstrations, simple activities, and easy to follow examples. With our guidance, you and your students will plan out and create your own mural.

We’ll step you through:

  • safety and equipment
  • technical skills from basics to advanced painting techniques
  • different street art applications such as stencilling
  • how to conceive mural ideas
  • design and production of large scale artworks

Choose from three learning options

We have created three packages to suit your needs and budget.

Option one: videos only

Access to our Graffiti and Street Art: from Beginner to Expert course resources (videos and supporting documents). You can distribute these to your chosen audiences at your discretion for a set time (12 weeks).

Option two: over to you

We provide in-person training for your staff to deliver the Graffiti and Street Art Learning Program. Also includes all learning resources for a set time.

Option three: the whole shebang

You get the videos, face-to-face staff training and student workshops as part of the program. We will also work with your group to create a completed mural as the final outcome of the program.

Add ons

Add-ons are available for all options. Choose extended use of the videos, varying group sizes and different program activities.

Note: Travel costs are extra to deliver options two and three outside Melbourne or Sydney.

Learn more about course content and pricing options

Community projects

We've worked on incredible community projects with groups across Victoria and Australia. Check out some of our work here.