Frequently asked questions.

Here are some questions we get asked a lot... as well as answers to those questions. Contact us to find out more.

What is your standard turnaround time for a mural?

It depends on the size of the project and what else we have on. In general, we like to allow a minimum of three weeks from engagement to production. That's roughly a week for design, a week for feedback and one round of amendments, a week for sign off and materials procurement and then artwork production time. We can speed this process up in some instances and in others it can take longer. Please give us as much notice as you can as sometimes we are booked out six months in advance. You can learn more about how we work by reading through our process. To get the ball rolling, contact us with more questions or just head straight to the quote form.

I've submitted a quote form, how long will it take to receive a response?

We aim to jump on enquiries quickly and respond within 24 hours of the enquiry being submitted. There are some times when we are flat-out managing existing projects and may not be able to respond within this timeframe. If you're enquiry is urgent and you haven't received a response within 24 hours (or you just want to tell us it's urgent) please send us a follow-up email to [email protected].

How long does the actual artwork painting take?

It depends on the complexity of the design and the size of the wall. A 4m (w) x 3m (h) wall could take anywhere from four to nine hours. As a general rule, we allow a day per 2.7m x 3m space. We can always speed up the painting process by having multiple artists work on the space at once.

How long will my artwork last?

The spray paint we use lasts as long as good quality exterior house paint. If your wall is facing the hot afternoon sun you might like to consider a UV protectant coating. We can arrange for this to be done for you at an additional cost.

Can you paint something you haven't designed?

We have replication artists who can replicate images and aerosol artists who are highly skilled photorealistic painters, however we will only ever paint something we haven't designed if you have rights to use the design or image. Generally, we prefer to design all the work we paint. 

Can you paint a photo I have?

If the photo is in good condition or it is of a high enough resolution then we should be able to. Please be aware we don’t replicate other people’s work and we always prefer to paint artworks we have designed.

Where are you based and do you travel for jobs?

We operate Australia-wide. Our HQ is in Melbourne and we have project managers in Melbourne and Sydney. Our Creative Director Dan Wenn oversees all projects - he's based out of our HQ but travels regularly across Australia for projects (COVID permitting). We have an awesome network of super talented artists who work with us across Australia. All artists' skills sets are different so we pair the most appropriate artist from our network with each project.

Do I need permits to put art on my house or building?

It is up to you to check with your local council if you can legally paint a publicly facing wall. It is also advised if you are a renter to check with your landlord / agent about applying paint to any surfaces in a property you do not own. If you are painting a wall on a footpath you will most likely need a footpath permit from your council. Please visit your local council web page for more info.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance and Work Cover?

Yes. All of our artists are covered for $20million in public liability insurance and are covered by Work Cover. Please ask us if you'd like us to supply certificates of currency for either of these insurances.

How do you protect everything I don't want paint on?

We use plastic drop sheets under fabric drop sheets on floors and masking materials all over surrounding walls and ceilings. We use low residue tape on carpets and floors to hold everything in place and cover all surrounding furniture in drop sheets too. Sometimes our work sites look a bit like a scene from Breaking Bad.

I'm worried about the fumes and paint toxicity. Have you got any low-tox options?

Wherever possible we work with low-tox paint. This is still quite a new product as far as aerosols go and the colour range is still a little limited. This either means we have to take this in to account when creating a design or bring in some regular spray paint where we are unable to find the right colours in any low-tox paint ranges.

Can you work at heights?

Yes we can. We hold high risk work licences and have elevated work platform training, licences and experience.

What kinds of surfaces can you paint?

We can paint on most surfaces but the flatter the better. 

Does my wall need to be undercoated before you paint it?

We like all surfaces to be prepped prior to our arrival. This means cleaned, undercoated and patched where needed. We have a company who can do this for you if you'd prefer to outsource it. If we arrive on site and the wall is not prepped we may require extra billable time to prep the space.

Can you paint on the ground?

We sure can.

What's the minimum size wall you can work with?

In terms of materials, our preference is always spray paint. When using spray paint we like to work with a space no smaller than 1.5m x 1.5m in order to achieve a good level of detail in the given space. If required, we can work with brushes for a smaller space.

Can I film you painting?

Absolutely. Can you please just let us know you intend to do this before we arrive on site? We might get a bit more dressed up than usual.

I'd like to have live painting at my event but the venue is concerned it might be a health risk or paint might get everywhere. What can I tell them?

When painting indoors or at any event venue we take the utmost care in protecting all surrounding areas. For live painting we use non-toxic acrylic paint that is virtually odourless. We can provide chemical data sheets for our paints to the venue managers as required.

I’m a student and have questions for a project, can you help?

Yes we are happy to answer your questions over the phone. Please have a read through everything on our website first and then contact us through the website. To save time, if you already have all your questions prepared you can send them through at the same time.

I'm an artist and I'd like to work with you. How do I apply?

Please get in touch with us here and send us some samples of your work and your CV. 

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