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Big blank walls make us giddy with excitement. We welcome complex briefs with multiple stakeholders, hard-to-reach surfaces, or out-there creative ideas. Whether it's a mural, a brand activation or an event, we are up for any challenge.

What you should know —

From time to time and usually on request, we run specialised workshops and unique street art and graffiti experiences. Workshops are an awesome corporate team-building exercise for the creatives in your business. Each workshop is designed based on the individual group's interests, needs and expectations. They can be tailored to any skill level and can be as hands on or off as groups like.

Unique experiences are tailored to each group depending on their interests and could include anything from walking tours exploring Melbourne's lesser known public art spots to wine and cheese in a world-renowned Melbourne street art studio with local artists. Both provide an opportunity to explore creativity and to learn about the worlds of street art and graffiti first hand in a fun and laid-back setting from practicing, established and renown artists. 

From tourists visiting Melbourne to corporate creative teams, we build considered, thought-out and memorable experiences for each individual group. 

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Our process

From idea to artwork, we work with our clients to take their spaces to the next level. Our artists stick to what they do best (create art) and leave our project managers to make sure each project is on time, on brief and on budget.

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You brief us.

Fill out a quote form. Tell us all about your project.

You approve our quote.

Woohoo! Let's do this.

We get designing.

Heads down, bums up... this is when the magic starts.

We paint (the fun part) - you watch, film, share.

This is why we're here. We love to paint. 

We manage it all!

Our project managers will guide you through our entire process... from idea to artwork!

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"This is a first class operation which has provided a result far in excess of what I could have hoped for, they are easy to work with, utterly reliable, and I simply cannot recommend them highly enough."

Mark Trescowthick
Richmond, Australia

"Dan’s street art really captures the essence of what Port Melbourne is all about. He uncannily manages to draw you in and best of all the walls have remained tag free. Dan’s done an amazing job."