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Managing graffiti


Managing graffiti

Instead of trying to stop tagging and vandalism, sometimes the best solution is to create a long lasting piece of street art in its place.

As artists, we love the art form of graffiti - but we get that tagging can be a problem. Businesses, Councils and residents spend thousands of dollars yearly painting over or removing it, only for it to return.

Chemical graffiti removal can cause significant damage to the environment. When tags are removed from skate parks, it can damage the smooth surface of the concrete, making it worse to skate.

Adding quality street art in locations that attract a lot of vandalism is a pretty brilliant option. It looks amazing - and it’s a lot less likely to get tagged.

Engaging the community in street art

We love to take it one step further and work with local councils and schools to engage young people in creating street art.

When young people in the community have pride and a sense of ownership over the spaces they use - they’re less likely to vandalise them!

Check out some community murals we've created

We love how some councils promote street art and artists, like Darebin Council, who list local street art and artists alongside graffiti removal on their website.

Protecting the life of your street art

We work with an awesome company that does a great job cleaning and protective coating our murals. The paint we use is the best available and has a lifespan of about the same duration as good exterior house paint. Protective coating prolongs the life of our murals.

Do you have a problem site that could be transformed with a mural?

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Students at Seymour Flexible Learning Centre create a mural for their school.