The crew at 460degrees came at us with a great idea. Their office foyer was pretty blank and uninspiring. They knew they wanted to fill it with some interesting art and also wanted something that represented their innovative spirit while aligning with what they do as an expert management company. So, we worked with them to develop the idea of painting three famous pioneers (experts), incorporating their company brand colours in to the background for consistency and cohesion to tie the foyer to the rest of the office.

Steve Jobs Stencil Artwork

Steve Jobs Stencil Artwork

We researched each of the chosen experts, building our background designs around that research. Each face image had to work with the other two, so finding the three and working the stencils into a similar aesthetic was a challenge.

90 Degrees truly nailed our brief. We are so thrilled with the outcome and our clients comment on our artwork all the time. They really have transformed our space.

90 Degrees Art Amelia Earhart Stencil Artwork 460 Degrees

Amelia Earhart Stencil Artwork

Working with stencils for the experts' faces, we used only two colours in the small space - we wanted the images to be crisp and the likeness to be spot on, almost like a photo.

The backgrounds feature illustrated elements relevant to each expert. Working with the company brand colours, we painted the background with brushes and acrylic paint to get crisp lines and solid fill colour.

90 Degrees Albert Einstein Artwork Stencil Mural 460 Degrees

Albert Einstein Stencil Artwork

4 Cans of paint

12 Colours

28 Hours to paint

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