Richmond, VIC

Dustin Martin for PUMA

Richmond, VIC

Dustin Martin for Puma

Probably our best-known and most talked about artwork, this wall still serves as a pilgrimage site for Richmond Tigers fans every footy season. This tribute artwork was commissioned by Puma in the lead up to the 2017 Brownlow Medal. Dustin Martin was a favourite to win the award - the painting of this artwork was contingent on the win! As soon as it became evident that Dusty had it in the bag, Danny Awes and Jimmy Dvate made their way to the heart of Tigerland (Richmond) where we had a wall lined up to paint (courtesy of the lovely people at Rowena Corner Store).

Awes and Dvate started painting Dusty at around 10:30pm and worked on him through the night. Puma had requested the artwork be complete by 5am! By day break, news crews had got wind of the project and turned up in droves to report from the wall and photograph it at first light.

From the birth of an idea to its realisation, the team at 90 Degrees knew exactly what to do to make it happen. Our goal was to pay tribute to not only Dusty’s achievements, but his connection to PUMA and to create something special for all Richmond Tigers fans. This artwork became an overnight sensation. We couldn’t have asked for a better result with this artwork.

The mural was in all major newspapers and the Prime Minister even dropped by to have a look. The response from this mural was incredible, with hoards of Richmond fans lining up to get their photos in front of it for weeks following the unveiling (and even to this day). It became an even bigger pilgrimage site when Richmond won the grand final!

20 Cans of spray paint

18 Colours

12 Hours to paint

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