The crew at interactive wanted to make a statement about their business on a huge blank wall in their newly acquired Melbourne CBD office Space. The brief: create an artwork that showed the global structure of the business, have fun with the accounting theme and bring some colour and vibrancy to the space. No probs!

Illustrative Letter Forms Artwork for Interactive Accounting

Illustrative Letter Forms Artwork for Interactive Accounting

This artwork was designed by our creative director Danny Awes who worked closely with the client to hone and refine the most appropriate concept direction and artwork style for the space and the business.

To inject a sense of fun in to the theme of accounting, Danny Awes chose an illustrative design style. He researched finance, cloud accounting and foreign exchange online (a few new areas for us), and coupled with what he had learnt about the business, came up with a series of characters and elements from that research that were well suited to the artwork and relevant to the business.

We absolutely love our artwork. Our clients and new staff members always comment on it. It is the perfect addition to our office and sets the tone for a great work environment.

Interactive Accounting Office Artwork

Interactive Accounting Office Artwork

This artwork was painted freehand - no brushes, just aerosols. Danny Awes and an assistant artist painted the mural over two days on a weekend when the staff were out of the office. It was a surprise for their staff who were stoked to find it covering their office walls when they came back to the office on Monday morning.

The team at Interactive were extremely grateful for the change we made to the office. We have lots of clients reference this artwork as a style they love when they contact us about new projects.

24 Cans of spray paint

18 Colours

32 Hours to paint

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