The owners of this beautiful home wanted to create a piece for a big blank wall behind their pool. A modern house with lots of straight lines, glass, steel and concrete, it was calling out for a nature-based, leafy artwork to soften the space. Our client had requested foliage be built in to the artwork and showed Dan some reference images of fabric prints that had leaves and flowers.

Danny Awes Jungle Mural

Danny Awes Jungle Mural

Together with our clients, Dan refined his design from a flat collage of leaves into a scene with depth.

This was my first jungle mural - I’d never thought of doing something like this. Our client talked to me about doing something with foliage, and I found my initial designs were quite flat and looked like pattern designs. To give the image more depth I played around with adding in a distance background, and it evolved from there.

Danny Awes
Danny Awes Jungle Mural OG

Danny Awes Jungle Mural OG

Several different images were used to construct this design, giving the style of this artwork the title of "photorealism composite." 

We find this style of artwork to be a bit of a crowd pleaser! It has been our most popular design since it was first created. Dan has now painted several foliage and nature based artworks in homes, on buildings and in offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

10 Cans of spray paint

25 Colours

32 Hours to paint

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