Abbotsford, VIC

Moon Dog OG, Abbotsford

The folks at Moon Dog really are a cool bunch making awesome craft beer right in the heart of Abbotsford. They are big supporters of the street art scene in Melbourne and we loved creating these tropical inspired murals on their roller doors in Duke Street.

Moon Dog OG Brewery, Abottsford

Moon Dog OG Brewery, Abottsford

The brewery bar, known as "The OG Brewery Bar" has a bit of a tropical theme with an eclectic mix of art and décor. Our brief was to create works that aligned with this vibe while still suiting their industrial Abbottsford location.

We love the work Dan did for the roller doors. He really captured the tropical vibe we were going for. Each piece really fits the space well.

Toucan cans

Toucan cans

Danny Awes chose some big tropical style animals and scenery, which fitted perfectly into the spaces and the client was right up for this idea. The end result was big bold colours, a happy client and a work that was a lot of fun to create.

24 Cans of spray paint

61 Colors

24 Hours to paint

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