Puma approached us to transform their outdoor walls into a vivid representation of Australia's native landscape. They also wanted to incorporate their iconic Puma cat. We were in!
The goal for the artwork was to breathe life into their outdoor area and transport viewers to an Australian garden setting. The mural needed to embody Puma's brand values of bravery, confidence, determination, and joy.

Concept Development

Right from the start, the concept resonated with us. The idea of placing the Puma cat within an Australian backdrop was an intriguing creative challenge.
On one side of the space, Dan chose to showcase some amazing native flowers around the puma image, creating that lush garden space.

On the other side, creating a wall with graffiti elements was "a dream come true".
"I wanted to celebrate Puma's hip hop heritage and they were pumped for that," he says, "so I went for simple kind-of-old-school graf characters and pieces."

Puma is such an iconic hiphop brand.

The finished design

The finished outdoor space has two distinct murals: on one side a photo realistic style puma crouches within a lush Australian landscape surrounded by vibrant flowers.

The opposite wall features iconic hip hop elements and graffiti style lettering including one of Puma's slogans ‘Forever Faster’.  Other words on the mural relate to the shoes and the brand.
The finished result reflects the company as both bold and joyful within the urban landscape.
This mural project illustrates the ability of art to narrate a brand's story, capture its essence, and enhance its physical spaces.

40 Cans of paint

60 Colours

10 Days to paint

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