This artwork, commissioned by the director of this award-winning national recruitment agency, was created as a transportable canvas piece to enable the client to take this artwork with them wherever they go. With a current office in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, it made sense to pay tribute to the street art and graffiti this city is famous for. This mixed media street art canvas was themed towards the business (incorporating some brand elements) while still being made to look like an authentic section of a Melbourne laneway with all its various layers, application techniques and artistic styles. Whether a business is projected to outgrow its current office space, or if a move is on the cards for any other reason, for businesses uncertain of the length of their intended tenure beyond their current lease at a specific location, a transportable and removable artwork enables clients to take their art piece with them anywhere they go.

Smaart recruitment completed

Smaart recruitment completed

4 Cans of paint

12 Colours

24 Hours to paint

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