Stratosphere Advertising

Richmond, Vic

Stratosphere Advertising

Stratosphere is a boutique Advertising agency in Richmond Vic. They came to us with a bunch of blank walls and a wide range of ideas they wanted to explore. We created one of our illustrative letter murals for their main area, this allowed us to showcase all of their services in one cohesive artwork. 


In developing a concept direction, we agreed that bringing Stratosphere's services to light was the best avenue for the main work area mural. Clients could walk through and be blown away by the scale and colour, and staff could be inspired by the individual elements and overall style of the artwork.

It's always fun to create these letter murals, the work at Stratosphere was especially fun as the imagery we chose for the internal parts was intricate and super colourful.

To create the quote artworks we used a projector and spray painted the lettering freehand to ensure a genuine looking street-art aesthetic was achieved. 

14 Cans of spray paint

23 Colors

41 Hours to paint

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