Laneway / Street Art.

Bringing the best of the outside in. We work to a bunch of different styles and have a network of super talented artists we pair our clients with if we feel a brief is perfect for a specific artist. View all our styles or contact us to discuss any other style you like and we can let you know what's possible.

Our Laneways / Street Art style takes inspiration from Melbourne's art-filled laneways. Using a myriad of street art application techniques and mediums we create a multi-layered, built up, vibrant and authentic aesthetic that looks like a bunch of artists have had free-reign in a given space. We like to think of it as "curated chaos" - the built-up visual explosion Melbourne's laneways are famous for (stencils, stickers, graffiti, paste-ups, paint drips, tagging and everything in between)... designed specifically for your space.

Street Art —