Stencil Art.

We design (or find an image), we print, we cut, we weed, we paint. We work to a bunch of different styles and have a network of super talented artists we pair our clients with if we feel a brief is perfect for a specific artist. View all our styles or contact us to discuss any other style you like and we can let you know what's possible.

Stencil Art, as much an application technique as a style, is its own art movement with many artists focussing solely on stencilling. Banksy is one of the most well-known stencil artists ever. Stencils allow an image to be replicated onto a wall in its original form. The image is cut out of a substrate (cardboard, paper, acetate, metal...) and then used as a reverse template (kind of like camera film) which is then sprayed over (with paint) leaving the image on the surface (usually in one colour) once the template is removed. Stencils are reusable, good for replicating logos accurately and very good for replicating small images that freehand spray painting isn't suited to. Stencils can also be big and have multiple template layers to create different effects and levels of detail. Although time consuming to prepare, they are fairly quick to paint, and if you're after an exact replication of a design or image a stencil is a great way to go.

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